Water Dragon

Available at Level 7
Incubation Time 12:00:00
Rarity Common
Type Blue
Buy 10,000 Gold
Sell Value 1,000 Gold
Breedable No

Additional Water Dragon Information

Baby Water Dragons are the most vulnerable of all newborn dragons. They might look like bubble-blowing sea monkeys, but what [Name] lacks in strength is made up for in magic. With your help, [Name] has grown streamlined and stronger. Your Water Dragon now glides through lakes and oceans with ease, making friends and studying the mysteries of the deep. All dragons fly, but now [Name] is at home in the sky as much as in the sea. Your fully-grown Water Dragon is an ambassador of the deep, teaching land-dwellers the secrets of the ocean. Those who have had the fortune to meet your Epic Form Water Dragon call [Name] The Wise One. Villages under the seas and on the shore sing tales of [Name]'s adventures!
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