Angel Dragon

Available at Level 20
Incubation Time 44:00:00
Rarity Ultra Rare
Type Diamond White
Buy 3,000 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
Breedable Yes

Angel Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Diamond Oracle 20 20 29%
Angel Fire 19 19 27%
Diamond Light 63 18 26%
Coral Diamond 27 8 11%
Ancient Acrobat 16 5 7%
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Additional Angel Dragon Information

Angel Dragons are born with flawless instincts about what is good and what is evil.They are not conscious of their perfect judgement but are instead compelled by their subconscious to behave like saints in the same way we're compelled to eat when we're hungry or sleep when we're tired. Caretakers are sometimes confused by the playful behavior of young Angel Dragons, expecting them instead to be stoic, thoughtful creatures. These Caretakers soon learn that playfulness and strong character are connected and that playing frisbee with a golden halo can be fun! Clad in armor of the purest gold and armed with an insatiable appetite for doing good, the presence of an adult Angel Dragon fills rooms with laughter, warmth, and brotherly love. Epic Form Angel Dragons fly on faceted wings of shimmering light. They cast shadows of dancing prisms on all they pass over, transforming barren landscapes into kaleidoscopic celebrations!