Dream Dragon

Available at Level 17
Incubation Time 17:00:00
Rarity Super Rare
Type Blue White
Buy 1,350 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 2,040 XP
Breedable Yes
Expired Yes

Dream Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Light Water 226 4 27%
Flower Music 4 4 27%
Night Light 313 4 27%
Athletic Black Swan 2 2 13%
Air Black Diamond 2 1 7%
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Additional Dream Dragon Information

How are Dream Dragons made? No one knows. Some believe that they are born of the unfulfilled dreams of other dragons, destined to bring about good tidings to less fortunate flying lizards. Of course, more practical dragons think Dream Dragons come from eggs, and they're probably correct. Dream Dragons have the rare ability to see into the hopes and aspirations of their winged brethren. While this power is mostly used for good, more mischievous Dream Dragons have been known to tease their cohorts by revealing the names of others' high school crushes. As Dream Dragons evolve, they impart their sage-like wisdom into the Dragon psyche from island to island. Oddly enough, it seems most dragons' worst nightmare is of publicly speaking whilst in their underwear. Epic Dream Dragons are masters of the study of slumber, and constantly exist within a state of the REM cycle. Unfortunately,the Dream Dragons are so immersed in their academic focus, they themselves are never aware whether or not they are sleeping or awake.