Forest Dragon

Available at Level 1
Incubation Time 00:00:30
Rarity Common
Type Green
Buy 500 Gold
Sell Value 50 Gold
Breedable No

Additional Forest Dragon Information

A Forest Dragon's heart is in tune with the natural order. Nothing makes them happier than flying from branch to branch, but [Name]'s head might be too heavy for those tiny wings. I see you've been feeding your Forest Dragon, are you sure you're not a Dragon parent in disguise? [Name]'s longer neck and sharp new claws make eating from the trees a breeze. Fully grown, [Name] is now a protector of the natural order. Plants explode in growth and blossom in the presence of your dragon. Now, [Name] dreams of the Forest Dragon Epic Form. [Name] is now a true master of the wild. Creatures of the forest bow in respect as your friend cruises effortlessly through the canopy. Streams go silent for a chance to hear [Name] pass by.
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