Lotus Dragon

Available at Level 23
Incubation Time 23:00:00
Rarity Rare
Type Black
Buy 2,000 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 1,740 XP
Breedable No

Lotus Dragon Breeding

This Dragon purchased for 0 premium currency or crafted.

Additional Lotus Dragon Information

A Lotus Dragon is never nervous, angry, or upset. It never roars, never fights, and never whines. When it springs forth from its egg, its small blossom wings still hide from the sunlight in buds, making it very difficult to fly. This doesn't bother the Lotus Dragon; it simply continues flapping its wings until it is able to lift off the ground. Some dragon behavior scientists have taken to calling Lotus Dragons serene, but in truth, they are just content. A Lotus Dragon sees many changes in its life, with its wings growing, blossoming, and eventually wilting, before growing anew. Lotus Dragons are aware with their station in life, and this awareness brings them comfort. Adult Lotus Dragons are able to grow immense blossom wings before they wilt as well as small budding blossoms on their head. In addition to keeping a pure purple color, these blossoms also give off a pleasant, fresh scent, free of any irritants or allergens. Many Caretakers breathe in this scent and find themselves becoming calmer, though that could also be in a reaction to the Lotus Dragon's demeanor. Caretakers follow around their Epic Lotus Dragons with glass bottles, hoping to gather up any blossoms that wilt from the dragons' wings. These blossoms have such a rare, astral aroma that many perfume companies pay top-dollar for this fragrance. You may recognize this scent from various name-brand perfumes on the market today, though no company will publicly list the secret ingredient.
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