Medusa Dragon

Available at Level 40
Incubation Time 17:00:00
Rarity Rare
Type Green Purple Mythic
Buy 1,300 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
Breedable Yes

Medusa Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Mythic Poison 11 9 53%
Mythic Royal 8 4 24%
Mythic Familiar 4 3 18%
Amber Ares 2 1 6%
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Additional Medusa Dragon Information

The legends are true about Medusa Dragons: lock eyes with the snakes that dance like hairs on their heads and you'll be turned to stone! Thankfully, baby Medusas are born with only a single snake, so accidental eye contact will only immobilize you for a second. Consider it a vacation from the waking world! Choosing to raise a Medusa Dragon is actually choosing to raise a Medusa Dragon and a family of snakes. With the proper training, your dragon's head-snakes will learn to politely close their eyes when face to face with another creature to avoid unwanted turning-to-stonings. Abandoned Medusa Dragons, those raised without the care of other Medusas or knowledgeable Caretakers, often have very strong legs. This is due to their untrained head-snake's proclivities for turning one another into stone; a mistake that instantly adds 20-30 pounds of granite to the dragon's already hefty head load. Epic Form Medusa Dragons were treasured by ancient kings for their ability to transform common materials into stone--the main ingredient for medieval castles. Because eye contact is required for transformation to take place, kings would employ artists to draw eyes on wooden blocks. Voila: cheap stone!