Parakeet Dragon

Available at Level 4
Incubation Time 05:00:00
Rarity Super Rare
Type Green Yellow
Buy 500 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 375 XP
Breedable Yes

Parakeet Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Forest Air 466 7 26%
Fairytale Air 41 6 22%
Parakeet Forest 7 6 22%
Wizard Fruitful 10 5 19%
Rainbow Forest 10 3 11%
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Additional Parakeet Dragon Information

Parakeet Dragons are most at home in the canopy tops of ancient forests, on the border between Nature and Air. Even as babies, Parakeet Dragons foster relationships with the birds and trees around them. Young parakeet dragons benefit from caretakers who possess knowledge of the natural world. The more they are taught about the relationships between plants and animals around them, the better they can apply their special talents. As Parakeet Dragons grow into adults, you'll notice frequent visits from birds and flying insects, who are seeking [name]'s advice on matters such as nests, food sources, predators, and raising families. Epic Form Parakeet Dragons are known to act as emissaries between winged creatures and plants, fostering mutually beneficial relationships, such as bees spreading pollen while they eat, and birds fending off termites in exchange for shelter.