Pearl Dragon

Available at Level 17
Incubation Time 18:00:00
Rarity Rare
Type White
Buy 1,800 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 975 XP
Breedable No

Pearl Dragon Breeding

This Dragon purchased for 0 premium currency or crafted.

Additional Pearl Dragon Information

Pearl Dragon eggs are very sensitive and easily bruised, requiring dragon mothers and Caretakers to be extra attentive. In ancient times, Caretakers would place these eggs in giant molluscs on the ocean floor, so the dragons would be protected until they hatch. This led to the inaccurate rumors that Pearl Dragons naturally hatch from molluscs in the wild. Pearl Dragons' wings are ideal for both flying and swimming, which is why Caretakers like to hatch Pearl Dragon eggs underwater. Once they hatch, they stretch out their fin-shaped wings, swim to surface, and take to the sky. Natural pearls are very rare in our world, but they are abundant in the Dragon Realm. Pearl Dragons from the Dragon Realm shed their pearls once a month, and the pearls grow back to their full size within a week. While the Dragon Realm is littered with piles of priceless pearls, Pearl Dragons in our Realm do not shed their gemstones... much to the dismay of jewelers. Though Epic Pearl Dragons are covered from horn to claw in their precious namesake material, they do not shine in the sun. The pearls absorb the light, which gives them a soft glow when exposed to the sun. As they fly across their Island sky, they blend seamlessly into the white puffy clouds, while Caretakers down below gaze above and try to make out the shapes.
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