Pterodactyl Dragon

Available at Level 40
Incubation Time 12:00:00
Rarity Rare
Type Dino
Buy 1,100 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 3,000 XP
Breedable Yes

Pterodactyl Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Dino Air 20 5 38%
Dino Fruitful 5 4 31%
Triceratops Air 2 2 15%
Dino Rex 2 2 15%
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Additional Pterodactyl Dragon Information

Even seasoned caretakers can't always identify a young Pterodactyl Dragon on sight. The trademark wings that stretch wide in the dragon's Epic form are near absent when they are hatchlings. Pterodactyl Dragons are touchy about their former extinct status. As such, they become flustered when a nearby Caretaker mentions the word. They prefer the term "existence-impaired". Some folks assume that since Pterodactyl Dragons look so similar to Pterodactyl dinosaurs, they can also fly great lengths. The opposite is true; Pterodactyl Dragons don't have the wing strength to keep themselves aloft for extended periods of time. Epic Pterodactyl Dragons are fiercely protective of any eggs they lay. Having been "existence-impaired" once before, the species works hard to avoid such dire straits in the future. Be sure you and your Epic Pterodactyl Dragon have a relationship of trust built up before you approach its nest.