Pumpkin Dragon

Available at Level 4
Incubation Time 07:00:00
Rarity Super Rare
Type Red Yellow
Buy 500 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 255 XP
Breedable Yes
Expired Yes

Pumpkin Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Fire Air 496 4 33%
Bladewing Acrobat 2 2 17%
Honeybee Scorpion 5 2 17%
Trickster Fire 3 2 17%
Mirage Fireflower 2 2 17%
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This Dragon is only released for a limited time during it's associated holiday

Additional Pumpkin Dragon Information

THIS DRAGON IS EXPIRED The Pumpkin Dragon is an interesting lizard to classify, as in its juvenile stage, it is more pumpkin than dragon. In fact, mother dragons are careful to make sure their babies are dry, lest they begin to become moldy. Mother Pumpkin Dragons must also protect their babies from being kicked over by other boisterous dragons on Halloween. THIS DRAGON IS EXPIRED Many animals figuratively "grow into their bodies" as they become accustomed to changes brought upon by puberty, but Pumpkin Dragons literally have their bodies grow out from them! Young Pumpkin Dragons are among the clumsiest of Dragons, as they must acclimate to limbs that seemingly spring out of nowhere. THIS DRAGON IS EXPIRED Pumpkin Dragons maintain their head glow by a small flame that is constantly lit in their head, called the Lantern Flame. If you stand close enough to a Pumpkin Dragon, you would smell a scent similar to that of a freshly baked pumpkin pie; sadly, Pumpkin Dragons can't smell this pleasant aroma as they do not have noses. THIS DRAGON IS EXPIRED In their Epic form, Pumpkin Dragons grow more pronounced snouts and teeth. Coupled with their glowing heads, Pumpkin Dragons are particularly frightening if you chance upon one at night. Halloween is their favorite time of year, as they love to hide in mushmold, leap out, and give other dragons a scare.