Quartz Dragon

Available at Level 20
Incubation Time 22:00:00
Rarity Rare
Type Pink
Buy 1,900 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 1,335 XP
Breedable No

Quartz Dragon Breeding

This Dragon purchased for 0 premium currency or crafted.

Additional Quartz Dragon Information

Quartz isn't as 'valuable' as some of the other gemstones made to craft dragons from the Dragon Realm, but Quartz Dragons have a special value of their own. The hue and clarity of the crystals that make up the Quartz Dragons tend to have a calming effect on dragons and humans alike. Some Caretakers have taken to calling these dragons the 'serene stone dragons'. Because of the dragons' calming effects on people, ancient human diplomats used to take Quartz Dragons with them on foreign relations trips. The presence of a Quartz Dragon can turn a particularly tense meeting into a newfound peace agreement. Don't focus on the long, gemmed tail of an adult Quartz Dragon - it has a hypnotic effect on people who are already tired. If your mind starts to go a bit fuzzy when looking at a Quartz Dragon's tail, leave the area immediately and start drinking coffee until your mind becomes sharp again. Even the most raucous dragons become listless when an Epic Quartz Dragon is near. Epic Quartz Dragons fly from island to island, causing this to occur to their dragon comrades, without knowing the reason why. This is why Quartz Dragons believe other dragons to be lazy.
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