RightHeart Dragon

Available at Level 7
Incubation Time 12:00:00
Rarity Rare
Type Blue Heart Red
Buy 800 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 255 XP
Breedable Yes
Expired Yes

RightHeart Dragon Breeding

Parent Parent Attempts Successes Breed %
Atlantis Mercury 5 5 36%
Athletic Water 7 4 29%
Fire Water 217 3 21%
Elements Rainbow 10 1 7%
Seabreeze Atlantis 1 1 7%
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Additional RightHeart Dragon Information

RightHeart Dragons are a welcome addition to any Dragon Island, but don't expect them to stick around for a while. These dragons often leave their roosts for long periods of time and are spotted on neighboring islands interacting with other dragons. Dragon Caretakers believe that RightHeart Dragons leave their home roost due to their desire for a long-term mate. Typically, RightHeart Dragons are unable to find a suitable partner on their own island, as they are notoriously picky, and often spend much of their lives in search of their soul mate. While RighHeart Dragons are very selective when choosing a mate, they are very popular to their fellow dragons. Some dragon scientists attribute the attractiveness of RightHeart Dragons to their aloof nature or the soft red glow from their wings. When a RightHeart Dragon finally chooses a mate, it mates for life. In all but rare instances, RightHeart Dragons mate with LeftHeart Dragons. Once a RightHeart Dragon finds its LeftHeart mate, the two are inseparable for the rest of their lives.