Stainglass Dragon

Available at Level 40
Incubation Time 26:00:00
Rarity Super Rare
Type Treasure
Buy 800 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 3,000 XP
Breedable No
Expired Yes

Additional Stainglass Dragon Information

Stainglass Dragons like to fly on their sides as they soar over your island. As they pass under the Sun, light cascades through every facet of the Stainglass Dragon's body, showering your island in a beautiful array of light. However, Stainglass Dragons are nearly two-dimensional; if one is flying directly toward you, you'll only see a thin sliver of glass. Stainglass Dragons are attracted to bright light and bright colors. In olden days, this brought them to human places of worship, where stained glass windows decorated the walls and sent colorful light streaming into the halls. Worshipers watched in awe as the windows on their walls sprung to life and flew into the open sky. Stainglass Dragons are delicate creatures. The glass-like material that makes up their body and wings is particularly thin and brittle. A wayward rock could shatter its wing and make it unable to fly for weeks. This isn't the end of the world; Stainglass Dragons are able to regrow any body part that breaks. Still, it isn't fun for Stainglass Dragons to see their friends flying while they're stuck on the ground. Epic Stainglass Dragons stretch their wide wings and cast beautiful shadows of splendor across the Dragon Islands. Even on cloudy days, Epic Stainglass Dragons can amplify the faintest amount of light and transform it into a radiant rainbow. Even moonlight is made colorful by Epic Stainglass Dragons.
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