Treasure Dragon

Available at Level 40
Incubation Time 19:00:00
Rarity Super Rare
Type Treasure
Buy 2,000 Gold
Sell Value 100 Gold
XP 3,000 XP
Breedable No

Additional Treasure Dragon Information

Treasure Dragons are desired by many for their sleek, shiny gold bodies, their pearl bellies, the ornate crowns atop their heads, and the precious jewels encrusted all over their scales. So valuable are these regal creatures that it is popular among dragon Caretakers to say something is 'worth its weight in Treasure Dragons'. Many Treasure Dragon eggs are found buried in the ground, leaving hatchlings to burrow their way to the surface once they are born. Some dragon 'experts' believed this was the case due to doting dragon mothers burying their eggs so they would be protected. However, we know now that this is due to mischievous and greedy pirates who find the eggs and bury their prized treasures, not knowing there are living creatures within. Adult Treasure Dragons are constantly chased by pirates when they fly over the ocean... but never by the same ship twice. If pirates do manage to ever catch a Treasure Dragon, the weight of the dragon punctures a hole in their wooden ships, sinking them instantly. Pirates don't think very far ahead. Owning an Epic Treasure Dragon is the ultimate standard of wealth and has been throughout human and dragon history. Each and every prominent emperor and king throughout the years has owned an Epic Treasure Dragon to flaunt their vast wealth. If the dragon decides to fly away, it is a sign that the king has lost the will of the people. This has caused many coups over the years.
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