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Arena Battle

I think the arena battle stinks. You really have no great chance of winning enough battles to get the dragons your offered. You can only grow your dra...

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egg chart

Does anyone know if there is an egg chart for Fantasy Forest?

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Worst joke you know!

Post it here!

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plz help...Evolve

we have 4 games in our home 3 iPads 1 iPhone all of them except one allow us to keep leveling dragons to level 7, my iPad mini I'm level 60 but i stil...

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Why do breeding some dragons take longer to breed?

If I breed a Fire (Lv 7) and a Air (Lv 6) It takes only 12 hours to breed. If I Breed a Forest (Lv 7) and a Water (Lv 4) It takes 20 hours to breed.

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Passion pit

Does anybody know how to use this or how do you breed the three colours?

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Fantasy Story

Just started playing Fantasy Story, any tips on it? But the one thing that bothers me is that there is no post board thingy. Sure the inviting by on...

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The area where you check the time to see what type of dragon you may have waiting to hatch is no longer working. I realize I can see the times on the

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Favorite movie!

Boondock Saints...Your turn!

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