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Welcome to NeggsNetwork Dragon Story Forums! We invite you use common sense! Profanity is allowed in a mature fashion. Use your best judgment. If your...

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All your breeding needs are here!

Let's talk about breeding!

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Dragon Names

Okay, I know most of you people out there really just DO NOT care about this at all, but for those of you who do, (or like me those of you who are bor...

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Eggs, everybody's got them!

Tell me about your eggs!

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Add ME, Add ME!!!

Need some extra coin? Add your name here to acquire thousands of friends!!

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question on gifts

I know you can give and receive gold 3 times a day. but with all my friends I might get 5 gifts. I can only give 3 back so do you accept the other 2...

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Dragon List Update?

Any ETA as to when the dragon story dragon/egg list will be updated to include all the newly released dragons? (ie: all the "candy" dragons from the

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If your dragon is a higher level, does it increase the chances of making a rarer dragon?

I keep breeding fire and magic to get one of the dragons needed for a quest that has been there for quite some time, but keep getting the same dragon....

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new rgg not listed

I breed my rainbow and my light and now I have an egg that is not listed here

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breeding time

I know the incubation time can somewhat hint to you of what kind of dragon you get. What i am wondering is does the breeding time have a factor in th...

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Throw out all the tips you got! New things you've learned or basic stuff, anything about DS. I'm a newbie so I would love all I can get! We can all be...

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What does it mean or do if u buy the boost when u breed?

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Question about habitats

I'm not clear on whether a multi-colored dragon can go in any of the habitats it's made up of or if it needs a particular one... I've bred a Lorekeepe...

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new egg new dragon Twilight

i breeded bubblegum rare with night rare i got Twilight 8hrs incubation egg was shadded dark pink got a screen shot for tbe hatched drgn how to upload...

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Sending red dragons to the trading portal

Hi I have noticed that if I try to send my red dragons to the trading portal to get red gems I can't. Can someone help me please

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First time here

Hello, dear friends. So I wandered to your site. I was wondering if there was like this wonderful other sites? And also, can you throw your storm's8.

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Dragon world
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Please add me for map exchange

Hi there, I'm not a very frequent player but still in love with these dragons and always in desperate need of maps^^ If you're happy with a neighbor w...

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spell cast, battle ,trading , mining

If u have android device go to play store and download dragon story. Not winter. U will get all the above and wont loose anything. I have android and

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What Kind of Dragon Will I have? Eagle/Island dragon cross

The egg is teal with a purple looking oval thing in the middle

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St. John Island
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plzz add me shreyaaliwala29

plzz add me shreyaaliwala29

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Account Transfer

Hi guys, does anyone knows how to transfer your dragon story account to other device??

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Diamond and gold

How do you breed a diamond dragon? And I'm in need of gold i gift back everytime :)

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Question and Add me~

Hi! I'm new to this site and do have one question. On the dragon's page, what is "Breed %"? Now that that is out of the way I'd like to invite everyon...

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Please add me :). zoralee128

Please add me i gift back every time :)

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I need gold please add me I gift back everytime

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