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I am sure you couldn't resist clicking on the orange tab. I know you did. You had to do it! It's freakin ORANGE! If you were one of the few that hasn't indulged in t...
Found only in the Transylvania mountains, the chilling Dracula Dragon inspired the infamous vampire character. Those sanguine eyes set deep in its pale white face would often scare the daylights out of passing travelers, and then it would vanish in a flutter of wings, leaving them with a healthy fear of vampires.
As it matures, the fiery fronds that make up the Fireflower Dragon's wings drop to the earth one by one like flower petals, swaying back and forth as they descend through the air. Like a wildfire, the Fireflower Dragon regenerates extremely quickly, forming a smoldering new wing petal before the old one even hits the ground.
Unlike many dragons, the ancient Loki Dragon has never been wary of humans. In fact, this devious dragon loves nothing more than playing tricks on unsuspecting people. The Loki Dragon will typically try to pull a prank on every person it meets, but don't worry, its tricks are relatively harmless... usually.
Named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow, the Iris Dragon's hide brilliantly spans the entire color spectrum. Like the Greek goddess who served as a messenger, this dazzling dragon can travel as quickly as the light of a rainbow, soaring from one side of the world to the other in the blink of an eye.
The ancient Athena Dragon, aptly named after the Greek goddess of wisdom and warcraft, is not a creature to be trifled with. Although some of its knowledge is passed down, much of its wisdom and combat skills are instinctual. The Athena Dragon can make a remarkably loyal companion, but it requires a firm hand and plenty of love.
It is said that the Astromancer Dragon brought forth the birth of modern astrology. If you could find one, it would point out your Zodiac sign and tell your fortune. As they became harder to find, humans realized the crystallized Zodiac symbols found on their wings could also be found in the night sky, and so astrology was born.
Named after the Greek god of music, poetry, truth, and the sun, the Apollo Dragon is one of the most beloved Olympus dragons of all. As it matures, the sun on its head rises until it shines bright from high above. Legend states that it was in this fashion that the first Apollo Dragon brought sunlight to the Earth.
Obsidian Dragons are born deep in the heart of active volcanoes, where the scorching magma is hot enough to sufficiently warm their eggs. Obsidian Dragons are known for their stunning black, glass-like scales, which are often mistaken for the volcanic stone which shares similar characteristics.
The Stardust Dragon has long been sought after due to its mesmerizing display of glittering lights. This dragon has always reminded humans of the cosmos, but only recently was it discovered that the chemical composition of its gleaming sparkles is actually identical to that of the stars.
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